What Kind of Bride are You?


After you get engaged there are 1001 things to get done before the big day, but the first step before making an major vendor decisions is… What Kind of Bride are You? The answer to this question will completely set the tone for your wedding. It will help with choosing your wedding site, your dress, your decor, pretty much everything. Here are a few examples to help in your decision making…

Boho/Vintage Bride

bohemianshoot2-0142{photo credit Tara Liebeck Photography}

This bride is all about being relaxed and being true to herself, even if that means going against the grain. She might wear a colored gown or a floral crown and lots of her decor will probably be repurposed or thrifted. This bride will probably bring in lots of elements that have tons of sentimental value to her and her groom. This wedding is bound to have a very homey and romantic feeling.

D-I-Y {Do It Yourself} Bride

View More: http://jenandashley.pass.us/thesecretgarden{photo credit Jen & Ashley Photography}

The DIY Bride is one crafty lady and is not afraid to get a little dirty. She takes on any task with gusto and is probably a Pinterest pro.  This bride will be busy from the day after her engagement up until a few days before the big day {and then hopefully she takes time to relax and let her coordinator take over}. There is no task too big or too small for her from creating her own paper goods, to putting together her own florals, or even building her own centerpieces.

Ballroom Bride

lisaandrich-3759{photo credit Tara Liebeck Photography}

A ballroom bride is not necessarily a princess bride, I might even venture to say that she is a Type -A personality bride. She leaves nothing up to chance. There is no possibility of rain ruining an outdoor wedding, the temperature is perfectly controlled, lighting and plumbing won’t be an issue. This bride wants a big space to work with and wants to make a big impression on her day.

Garden/Outdoor Bride

Catherine+Matt1-2336{photo credit Tara Liebeck Photography}

The Garden Bride is all about her setting, she wants to be surrounded by beauty. She must definitely not be super anxious, as the weather is always a factor with outdoor weddings. This kind of wedding doesn’t require elaborate details or tons of props, the background is usually a major part of the decor. These brides tend to wear more flowy or romantic dresses, and usually incorporate a softer color palette.

Glam Bride

BridalAtelier2-1614{photo credit Tara Liebeck Photography}

The Glam Bride is all about the details. Her day will be perfect from the second you approach the ceremony site to the big send off at the end of the night, and there are bound to be lots of special touches along the way. This bride will have flawless makeup, a jaw dropping gown, more than likely some pretty fierce shoes, and that is just with regards to her attire… The whole day is bound to impress.

Beach Bride

391068_919640725787_1770649684_n{photo credit Andi and Zoe Photography}

The beach bride is another bride that has to have a certain amount of zen to her, there really isnt a back up plain for a rained out beach wedding. This wedding is bound to be relaxed, the kind where you end up barefoot halfway through the night and wakeup with sand in your sheets the next morning. Nautical touches sprinkled through out will just add to the fun atmosphere. The lighting and backdrop of a beautiful ocean are enough to make any guest swoon, but throw in some amazing color and it is bound to be a day that you will never forget.

I’m sure there many other types of brides out there that we failed to mention, but hopefully this will help get some creative juices flowing and possibly shed some light on aspects that you might not have considered. Not matter what type of bride you are just be sure to set yourself up with a wedding that is true to you and your future groom and there is no way that it won’t be the best night of your life.


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