Keep Calm and Go Shopping

bridesmaids gifts


Shopping is a task that most women enjoy, dare I say it is even a close second to spending time with their fiancé, and one major plus about wedding planning is that you pretty much get free reign to shop as much as you’d like. Shopping for bridesmaids gifts was definitely one of the most fun shopping aspects of wedding planning for me. It was my big chance to show my very best ladies a little appreciated for all of their help, support, and not defriending me for my Bridezilla moments. Here are a few tips for purchasing bridesmaids gifts:
-Be Original
Not all of  your bridesmaid’s gifts need to be the same. It makes things so much more personal if you really put thought and effort into a gift that is tailored to that girl. Perhaps your friend is a teacher, a new planner would make a great gift.
-It Does Not Have to be Something They Will Wear
Yes we know that you are very excited to be getting married, and your bridesmaid’s are thrilled for you. But lets be honest, how many of your bridesmaid’s will really wear the tank top with “BRIDESMAID” written in rhinestones across their chest again? Instead try something fun like a monogrammed clutch. You can keep to your wedding colors and your girls will definitely love the new accessory.
-Make Your Gift Reusable
Do not buy a gift that is either completely in your personal taste or in the wrong size. If you are taking your time and money to buy your girls bridesmaid’s gifts then you want them to be something that will actually serve a purpose.
Remember that your girl’s are devoting lots of time, energy, and even money into assuring that your big day is as perfect as possible so the gifts they receive from you are a wonderful way to thank them.

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