Meet the Vendor: Pure English Bridal Boutique


For the next few Friday’s we are going to dedicate the blog to a new vendor in the area. We’ll try and keep it versatile with the types of vendors that we feature, but if there is anyone in particular that you want to see definitely let us know.

Our first fantastic vendor is Helen of Pure English Bridal Boutique in Virginia Beach {and how cute is her team y’all?}.  I got to ask her a few questions and I just love her answers! I hope you enjoy learning a bit more about this fabulous dress shop.


Why did you open a bridal boutique?
My background was in fashion and home magazines and so it was not a huge departure for me.  I had recently married my husband Graham in England and when I moved to the States I felt that there was an opening in this area for a more intimate and European style bridal boutique.  Even as we have grown over the past decade, we have always maintained our focus on one on one private appointments and very personal approach.  Even after nearly 13 years I still love working with brides and their families and helping them to find that perfect dress for their special day.  We really pride ourselves on giving each client a very positive and wonderful experience.  I am surrounded by beautiful products, a dedicated team of talented consultants and I get to be creative and interact with lovely ladies at such a special time in their lives….I love what I do J

Describe Pure English in three words
FRESH PURE COUTURE ! (It has been our logo for years)

What is the most important lesson that you’ve learned while working in the wedding industry
Every bride is unique and on her own journey.  We try to remember that whilst we do this every day, our clients do not and we need keep it fresh and tailor made for each young bride.  Fashions may change but customer service is always in fashion and we work very hard to keep it memorable and fun.

The wedding industry itself has exploded in the past few years and it seems as if there is a wedding related program on every channel.  This has some negative effects as it can sometimes lead brides to believe everything they see rather than trusting in their own instincts and following their own hearts.

Whilst there is certainly a vast range of very informative blogs, magazines and programs out there that can serve the bride as she prepares for her wedding – I would always advise brides to take everything with a pinch of salt!  There are no hard fast rules and the most important thing as that she enjoys the journey to the altar and the actual wedding day without getting too stressed or overwhelmed.

For a bride who has just started her dress search, what are your top three tips coming into her first appointment?

  1. Don’t bring too many people with you.  Again the wedding shows are for ratings and drama and do not always accurately reflect real life experiences.  Bringing too many people can be distracting and hectic and leave you bombarded with opinions.  A few trusted loved ones, who know you and your style are all you need.
  2. Give some thought to style and budget before hand.  Bringing pictures will also really help your consultant to envision and understand your aesthetic.  Knowing what you are comfortable spending on your overall look is key to maximizing your appointment time and helping keep you on track.  No one wants to fall in love with a gown they simply cannot afford, and with so many fabulous gowns out there – brides really are spoilt for choice!
  3. Keep and open mind and enjoy yourself!  If you surround yourself with a good team of professionals who excel in their field – you can rely on their knowledge and expertise to introduce new ideas and exciting options that you may never have considered before.  It is supposed to be a celebration of your love and union – not a Broadway production J  Have fun, be creative, but don’t make yourself sick – the most fabulous weddings are those with a happy happy bride!

If a bride falls in love with a dress, how does she know it is “the one”?
Everyone is so very different that there really is no standardized reaction or recipe to follow to know when you have found the dress.  With so much hype on TV, some brides worry that they are “supposed” to feel a certain way at a certain time.  This is NOT the case!

Some brides and their mothers cry at every dress they try on, some never shed a tear – so don’t think weeping is a sign.

Many girls love several dresses and would honestly be happy with any one of three.

Some girls have hunted so long that they are genuinely exhausted and settle on a dress because they have been looking so long, in search of “the one” that they have lost connection with their emotions and are suffering what we refer to as “bridal fatigue”.

My advice it to look for a gown when you are ready to find it – not before.  It doesn’t have to be a long and drawn out process and you are not missing out if you don’t commit to a bridal marathon.  If you find a dress you love, feel fabulous in and it doesn’t break your budget, then go for it!

What is your favorite part about being a bridal consultant?
I am very lucky to able to own and operate a very successful business that allows me to be a creative and productive business woman, wife and mother.  I love that I get to set a high standard of integrity and service and hold myself accountable every day.  What we do is often glamorous and fun but running a reputable and respectable business that over delivers on our promise of excellence takes hard work, commitment and a strong team.  I love the ladies on the Pure English team and the relationships I have with them and with our clients is what makes Pure English Couture such a wonderful place to be each day.  I am very thankful for what I have.

Here are some pictures of her beautiful shop









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