A taste of Spring

Before we fully immerse ourselves in fall (and the gorgeous themed weddings we will be sharing with you) we wanted to give you one last glimpse of spring.

In May As You Wish teamed up with some talented colleagues (and our officemates), photographer Tara Liebeck, and florist Debbie Pence of Fluttering Flowers to stylize a shoot inspired by Spring.  If you haven’t been to our studio yet, it’s nestled inside a beautiful brick building in the heart of Chesapeake, Virginia, and we all agreed it was the perfect location to host our first stylized shoot together.  We hope you’ll agree!



TheBridalAtilier-2201 TheBridalAtilier-2245 TheBridalAtilier-2267 TheBridalAtilier-2388 TheBridalAtilier-2489 TheBridalAtilier-2501 TheBridalAtilier-2546 TheBridalAtilier-2574 TheBridalAtilier-2619 TheBridalAtilier-2680 TheBridalAtilier-2769 TheBridalAtilier-2775


TheBridalAtilier-1947 TheBridalAtilier-1948 TheBridalAtilier-2018 TheBridalAtilier-2029 TheBridalAtilier-2069 TheBridalAtilier-2101 TheBridalAtilier-2103 TheBridalAtilier-2119 TheBridalAtilier-2122 TheBridalAtilier-2139

We would also like to thank Makeup by Cristal, Patti Cakes, Distinctive Event Rentals, Classy Covers, and Maya Couture for their generous contributions to this shoot.



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