Featured Friday – Inside the Intern


This summer we were very lucky in the additions that we welcomed into the As You Wish team. Our biggest asset being that of Julie’s intern, Gracie. She was fierce, and fabulous, and she just fit right in. We definitely found a *hopeful* future member of our dream team. Today you get a little insight as to how As You Wish truly works behind the scenes, as well as some of the real findings of a fresh faced girl regarding the wedding industry.


Tell us a little bit about you, Gracie.
* I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, a city of a comparatively small wedding industry to the Virginia east coast. Julie Morgan, As You Wish’s head coordinator, gave me the incredible opportunity to work and learn by her side this summer as an intern. So much more than that—she provided me the chance to fully understand every aspect of the wedding industry, something I will be forever grateful for. Prior to my wedding coordinating experience with As You Wish, I had dabbled in the industry with experience in events with catering, day-of coordination, and being the event chair for ΒΣΦ.

Was this a required internship?
* This was not a required internship by my school. It was by my own decision making and researching that I decided that I wanted to work with this event coordinating company specifically. Thankfully, As You Wish gave me the opportunity to thrive and grow from a summer internship and gain invaluable experience that I will take with me wherever I go.

Why did you want to intern for an event coordinator?
* Wedding and event planning/coordinating has been a field of interest of mine for years now and what better time to explore the field then in college as an intern? My goal was to thoroughly learn the career path, what all it entails, and the relevant industry. I wanted a well-rounded experience wherein I had room to grow and lead. I wanted an accurate lens into this career and its responsibilities including, budgeting and financial comprehension, team delegation logistics and skills, design detail, vendor and client communications, event execution processes, emergency situation resolve, etc. I additionally had personal goals to grow and thrive on the challenges presented.

Before beginning your internship, what did you believe an event coordinator’s work encompassed?
* Oh how little I knew ALL of the work that happens behind the scenes. I had little idea compared to my true knowledge of the industry now. Initially, I believed that an event coordinator’s work encompassed design, coordination, management, and all those things that fell underneath each category. What I did not know was the magnitude of responsibilities that came with each aspect of the process and with every individual client. I think it is fair to say that hardly anyone truly knows the work that an event coordinator does without being with then every second of every day. This “behind the scenes” work is an art and requires a very specific skill set to perform successfully.

What did you learn about event coordinating that you did not know or expect? And how did your impression of the career change?
* Expanding on what I previously answered, event coordinating is worth so much more than the price tag. Event coordinating is an insurance policy for important life events, it is an assurance that a skillful, experienced professional will be in a position to run the event, and run it well. It is deeply and widely a very involved profession wherein the client and coordinator develop a close relationship and mutual understanding of expectations. Event coordinating overlooks nothing and the coordinators take great pride in their work helping clients. Oftentimes, it is work that goes unrecognized. Due to the “insurance policy” nature of the event, coordinators are sewing the seams and mending holes continuously, mostly, when the client is not aware. I have worlds of respect for those who work in the industry, because trust me, they are dedicated and hard workers.

What are the top three reasons that a bride should pick As You Wish to help with their big day?
* Julie and Brandi and their As You Wish team will not let you down and will exceed any expectations you may set for hiring a coordinator. I was by her side for an entire summer and experienced her steadfast dedication and attention to detail over and again. If you want someone who will do an incredible job and do it with heart and care, then As You Wish is an easy recommendation. Julie’s organization and processes in place are the result of years of expertise and experience and will benefit you at every point of the process. She is open and committed to making the event the best that it can possibly be.

Thanks for the sweet words Gracie! We can’t wait to get you back out here during the holidays.