YOU can inspire our first stylized shoot of 2014!

0811CourtneyMike     We absolutely love planning weddings and events and bringing our clients’ visions to life, and in our free time we love to bring our visions to life by planning and creating stylized shoots.  For those of you that don’t know what a stylized shoot is, it’s when we take a concept and bring it to life with the help of other wedding and event professionals.  A stylized shoot gives us the ability to design and create things that we’ve never done before.  Beyond the fun aspect of designing the stylized shoot is the beneficial side, which is that it provides a creative outlet for everyone involved, while inspiring the viewer through the images that are created as a result of the shoot.

This year we decided to add a twist to our next stylized shoot, and that twist involves you!  Introducing our 2014 Stylized Shoot Challenge!  We are welcoming your ideas to help create the vision for our next shoot!  We are encouraging all of our clients, fans, and followers to submit one idea or thing to be used in our upcoming stylized shoot.   That thing can be a color, color scheme, theme, a specific item, etc.  Email your submission to, comment here, or send a private message through our Facebook page.  Tomorrow, January 17th we will place all submissions into a drawing and randomly select 3 things to incorporate into our next stylized shoot.  The winning entries will be announced tomorrow and we will get to work on our 2014 Stylized Shoot Challenge!  Join the fun!

Special thanks to photographers Eleise Theuer, Kyle LaFerriere, Echard Wheeler, Val and Sarah, and Chelsea LaVere for the beautiful images.


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