Engagement Picture 4-1-1

Today marks our first post of Trendy Topics that we will be bringing to you weekly. This week’s topic is

Engagement Pictures!


With summer winding down, and the heat finally beginning to show some reprieve, we know that a lot of our engaged couples are prepping for engagement photos. So, we figured it would be a wonderful opportunity to shed a little light on the whole idea. We will give you our opinion and also share the opinion of some fantastic photographers as well, and hopefully you can walk away feeling a little more sound regarding the process.

Why is it so important to get engagement pictures done?
-Well, who doesn’t love beautiful photos around the house? But also, it is the perfect time to get to know your photographer as well as to start to feel more comfortable in front of the camera. After all, on your wedding day the camera will be all over you like ice cream on a hot summer day.

Tips for your Engagement Session:
-Dress comfortably. Yes you might be dying to show off those 5 inch stilettos, but unless you are a seasoned shoe vet they are probably not the best idea with all of the walking and standing that you will be doing.
-Don’t be afraid to incorporate props. Props are fun, and they add some serious punch to your pictures. So don’t be afraid of a handmade sign, a little glitter, or a full on stylized shoot {this is the perfect way to get acquainted with your wedding coordinator as well}.
-Be true to you. Are you a beach couple that loves to surf or paddle board? Do you share a love of comic books? Do you cheer for rival football teams? Incorporate it into your session. This makes it fun and timeless, but most of all it shows the true YOU.

Brea from Photography By Brea also shared her fabulous opinion:

• It is SO awkward getting  your photo taken by a stranger. It’s a weird thing to say as a photographer, but it’s true! When better to get rid of that awkwardness and allow your photographer to become more than a stranger than by having an engagement session? I love getting to walk around town with my couples, get to know more about them, see what makes them tick, and help them open up in front of my camera. By the time the wedding rolls around it’s like we’re old friends! For my own wedding the engagement session was SO helpful! I was incredibly awkward and just froze in front of the camera. Now keep in mind I had already been a photographer for a couple of years at this point, but it didn’t make it any easier! Our wedding day was perfect and we could jump right in and already understood the directions that Jen gave us since we had worked with her before, and we were able to make the best use of our time and the light before sunset!
• My other major tip is to choose a location that has meaning for you as a couple. These photos are capturing an important and fleeting time in your life. You want to be able to capture a snippet of that time aside from how you look! The location you choose is another big piece of telling your unique story. One of my couples planned a destination wedding but loved the town they lived in. We took photos in front of their favorite burrito joint, and a boutique shop that they registered at, and other cute little corners in their town. Jamie and Tommy (this is the couple in the Baltimore images below) are big Baltimore City people, so getting photos on Federal Hill with the Baltimore skyline was a must have. Maybe places that matter in your relationship aren’t exactly photo worthy– for example, my husband and I met and got engaged at a retirement community… not exactly the best place for photos. At least make sure you pick a location that is right for you as a couple! We chose to do ours in the city and we are so NOT city people. I look back on the images and while they’re GORGEOUS, they’re just really not us and I wish we had chosen a nature-y location rather than going with what I thought would “look cool”.
Here are some of Brea’s amazing pictures, and these are sure to inspire you to rush out and take engagement pictures:
2013-03-27_0041IMG_0085 IMG_0086 IMG_0088 2013-03-27_0038
The amazing Jen from Jen and Ashley Photography also shared some amazing advice about engagement photos!
1.  Outfits – Typically we encourage our couples to bring two outfits to an engagement session.  One would be more casual and one would be more dressy!  The outfits don’t have to be “matchy-matchy” at all!  It’s best to stay away from crazy patterns because they usually won’t photograph as nicely.  As far as accessories go, don’t be afraid to go for the super bright colors that pop!  The most important thing to consider when choosing outfits is to make sure that you’re both comfortable!  Don’t feel like you have to wear something super fancy and then feel uncomfortable wearing it!
2.  Professional Hair & Makeup – A lot of times our brides like to do their own makeup and hair for their engagement session, which is absolutely fine!  However, this is also a great opportunity for a trial run of wedding day hair and makeup.  You can see how well the makeup photographs, and see if you like how it looks!  Also, you’ll feel that much more confident while having your pictures taken!
Here are a few fantastic pictures from Jen + Ashley, and they show the use of outfits extremely well!
photo 5photo 4photo 1photo 2photo 3