Managing other’s expectations when planning YOUR wedding

Recently I was invited to participate in an article for Virginia Bride Magazine regarding a popular topic; managing expectations.  Our team will spend months working very closely with our clients during the course of their engagement and we often see the stress and pressures that is put on them regarding their wedding and the decisions surrounding it.


Before I share the article I want to say that I am a strong believer in being true to you, and yourselves as a couple when planning a wedding.  I definitely think it’s important to be respectful of your families and their wishes and traditions, but it’s a two way street and the respect needs to be given both ways.  I think sometimes parents have trouble accepting the fact that their child is growing up and able to plan an event such as a wedding without their help.  Which brings me to my next point.  A wedding is a milestone which is defined as an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development.  Throughout the course of our lives we experience several of these but a wedding signifies that an individual is committing themselves to another, forever changing the dynamic that each of their families were used to.

When a couple gets engaged and begins to plan their wedding there is so much excitement surrounding it.  Unfortunately, as time goes on and more decisions are to be made the wedding can become a source of contention instead of excitement.  My focus in college was psychology and I love having the opportunity to use it every day in my career.  I LOVE having the ability to be a calming force and counselor to my clients.  My office walls have seen mothers cry, couples fight, and an abundance of eye rolls, in addition to utter joy and excitement of course.  My desire for all of my couples and their families is to first and foremost have respect for each others desires and wishes regarding this life changing event, and remember to enjoy the process.

Enjoy the article!

ManagingExpectations ManagingExpectations2

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Fashion Files – Wearing White to a Wedding

Royal Wedding - The Wedding Ceremony Takes Place Inside Westminster Abbey


The Kardashians are doing it. So did Pippa Middleton. Colored wedding dresses are on the rise. But is it socially acceptable now to wear white to weddings? We have to say NO. And shockingly we are seeing guests wear white more and more frequently.

Technically there is no rule of etiquette that forbids wearing white to a wedding, but for as far back as we can recall it has been completely taboo. A girl gets a handful of times in her life to truly shine, and her wedding day is one of them, so why chance putting even the slightest of dampers on a day with such great importance. Plus, do you really want to be old Aunt Rita’s gossip topic for the night? In most people’s mind it is a big no no to wear white as a guest.

If the bride requests everyone wear white, please do. That is the small exception to the rule though. There are so many great fashion trends out right now, so take the opportunity to dress up and make a statement with a great color choice or awesome silhouette.  The bride will appreciate her time in the spotlight and you will probably feel much more comfortable. Just say no to guests wearing white to weddings.